Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote For Qualified Judges

When you cast your vote on November 2 don't forget to vote for judges.

The CBA has evaluated all the candidates running in this election and has found four sitting judges "Not Recommended" for retention.

I urge you to vote "NO" for --

Punch # 243   Dorothy F. Jones
Punch # 255   William D. O'Neal
Punch # 267   Susan Jeanine McDunn
Punch # 335   Jim Ryan 

There are also five candidates seeking election to serve as judges who have been found "Not Qualified" by the CBA.

I urge you to vote "NO" for -

Punch # 85      Aurelia Marie Pucinski  (Running for the O'Malley vacancy
                       in the Appellate Court)

Punch # 95      Sandra G. Ramos (Running for the Riley vacancy
                       in the Circuit Court)

Punch # 97      Sharon Oden-Johnson (Subcircuit 1,
                      Running for the Steele vacancy)     

Punch # 98      Bonita Coleman-John (Subcircuit 1A)

Punch # 97      Steven James (Steve) Bernstein (Subcircuit 9A)  

For the full evaluation and recommendations of all the candidates running for judge in Cook County, click on the link below.  And remember to take these names and punch numbers with you into the voting booth when you cast your vote on Tuesday, November 2.